:// is a Future Cargo Logistics solution, acting as a marketplace, to search and compare transport and logistics services with simple or multimodal door-to-door solutions, where clients request for quotations, manage bookings and follow the execution (track & trace). All in one-stop-shop.

An Intelligent Routing System searches and combines logistics services (air, rail, road, sea) to provide optimized solutions, enhancing eco-efficiency, transit time, price and reputation.



The hyperconnected Access Point (hcAP) is a software solution to provide interoperability based in the four-corner-model topology.

With this software you can create, or be part of, one collaborative network based in the AS4 Access Point infrastructure. hcAP reuses the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eDelivery building block.

The fastest, secure and reliable way to grow your interoperability network, with low-cost software but preserving current investments on infrastructure and systems.



research, development and innovation co-financed projects

Logistics services stored in one local catalogue or from multiple catalogues (systems of shipping companies) can be indexed and combined by the BIZCARGO intelligent algorithms. This technology allows working as a marketplace and as an aggregator of logistics services.


Hyperconnected Access Points, Control Tower and APP to enable synchro modality in logistics.
Open solutions to allow systems of logistics stakeholders communicating without the need of having one-to-one connections and fitting both, small and large companies.

iReceptor Plus

Promoting Human Immunological Data Storage, Integration & Controlled Sharing.
Architecture and tools for the query of antibody and t-cell receptor sequencing data repositories for enabling improved personalized medicine and immunotherapy.


Enabling UBL and eDelivery in a
Peppol Logistics Environment. An eDelivery infrastructure for the transports and logistics sector (TLS) to enable secure, reliable and interoperable ways for exchanging data and electronic documents.


Developing and piloting a collaborative platform to increase the digital interaction between manufacturing and logistics stakeholders to ensure competitiveness by applying improved calculatioon methods for costs of products including all the variable and seasonal costs.


The IESMA summer school offers a unique opportunity for developing innovation and entrepreneurship skills for the manufacturing world in an international setting.
The EIT Manufacturing IESMA Summer School will be the opportunity for master students and professionals



We develop technology-based systems with passion for a better living.

about us


MITMYNID came to be a reality when co-founders identified the need to create innovative solutions that encompass all aspects of target markets, adding adaptability and complementarity.

The combination of a dedicated team with both knowledge and experience is our formula for products and services that continuously grow, strengthen and self-improve. Working closely together with our partners, we are tireless in meeting the demands of an increasingly growing market. Our goal is to produce benefits for clients and partners with software that offers the best answers to each individual demand, as our software and services integrate all types of solutions and allow interconnection between them.


We design and develop simple and creative solutions for complex problems.


To lead specific markets with the best solutions. Simple and creative – solutions that simplify processes and enhance the performance in the application areas Effective – strong input in process optimization and increased returns for solutions’ clients Sustainable – concern in developing solutions that ensure economic feasibility, optimize energy resource use and thereby contribute to ensure environmental stability


We get paid to do what we love: through happy brainpower, we convert the complex into innovative and reliable, intuitive and easy to adopt.

We enjoy sharing this mood with our clients, so we commit ourselves in every stage of the process towards effective solutions.

Change and innovation are in our DNA, so every day we aim towards the best, and think yesterday’s solution can still be improved because excellence can be achieved!

We think long term and know that excellence does not go without commitment to society and the environment. Social and ecologically sustainable practices are the only way we work.

Economically efficient solutions are what we propose.



Our team’s long learning journey has provided knowledge through research processes and the creation of innovative solutions. This enabled them to attain a high level experience and scientific and technical maturity.
We share the same goals: to be bold and daring in the activities we develop, to innovate in all the solutions we create, to be committed enough so we can achieve the best possible results and always accommodating to our clients' needs.
Growing is a part of us!
Alexandre Valle Carvalho​


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Paulo Melo


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Rui Barros